SXSW 2018: Daily Digest - 13th of March

Jamie Simmonds, Tim Harper, Juliette Hettema, Laura Walters

SXSW 2018: Daily Digest - 13th of March

Tuesday was another winner of a day with excellent panels and workshops. We also enjoyed amazing live music at a unique venue in the evening. 

"Adaptive News" - Tim 
Conversations on making the news fit you. The BBC News Labs team and Quartz discussed a number of ways the presentation of the news will change in the future to better serve the individual and their situation.

"A Hearable Future: Sound & Sensory Interface" - Jamie
A really in-depth session on hearables. From the way that the technology can be used augment your life to the range of perception each individual has, Poppy Crum took us through the key principles that companies like Dolby are researching.

“In ear devices can predict psychosis just from anaylising changes in the sentiment and tone.”

"Top Tips for Compelling Conversations" - Laura

Margaret Urban, Senior Interaction Designer at Google, gave us an introduction to designing conversations with some basic design strategies and principles. Her talk was very inspiring and went beyond crafting brand personas and looked at the very building blocks of useable and delightful conversations. A key takeaway was her practical explanation of Grice’s maxims for cooperating to achieve a communicative goal; quality (tell the truth), quantity (give the right amount of information), manner (be organised and comprehensible) and relation (make your input relevant).

“Take advantage of what’s already built in to conversation.”

StoryHackers: Prototype An Immersive Story - Juliette

This workshop guided you through some the basic principles of storytelling, followed by visualising and creating a story in groups, using a platform and plastic creatures. A narrative was created  that was turned into some code which ultimately became an immerse story that can be used with Google cardboard or Google Daydream with a robotic voice narrating the story as you can look around in the space. This tool aims to help you quickly prototype what an augmented reality story could look like for your own project or for clients. You can view the story created by my group here, it's a very rough prototype and best viewed on a VR headset. 

Story progression visualisation made with toys and random items, to be written out later as a story to be narrated by the 'robot' in our story. 

Team work!

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