Vote TheTin for SXSW 2020!

Tim Harper, Co-Founder

Vote TheTin for SXSW 2020!

SXSW (South By South West) has become a permanent fixture on TheTin’s events calendar, as we believe there is no better place to learn, discover, create and be inspired than the 7 days and nights in Austin, TX each March.

TheTin’s founders umm-ed and ahh-ed for a good five years before finally make it out to SXSW 2016 for an initial recce. It soon became clear that this was the place to be for a brand and tech agency that embraces all things new and emerging. From major players like Google, IBM and Facebook showing off what they’ve been developing behind the scenes to independents looking to share their views and opinions on what will be grabbing eyeballs over the coming months; to panels, presentations and keynotes on a myriad of subjects. There really is something for everyone.

On Her Majesty's Service

In 2017 we raised the game and took a team of strategists, designers and developers to really get under the skin of the event and the larger team meant we could cover more ground, more quickly whilst sharing our learnings and digging deeper than ever before.

A pre-SXSW hook up with UK Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT) gave us the opportunity to present our Tinnovation project, Band Explorer VR to a wealth of people from all over the world. Our Spotify-connected virtual reality music experience went down a storm in Great Britain House and got us coverage across the event. 

TheTin's Co-Founder, Tim Harper talks about the future of VR in Great Britain House at SXSW 2017

Capital Factory connected

Amongst the many contacts we made that year were new friends at Capital Factory,  an Austin-based VC and tech incubator. Their team led by Head of International Affairs, Fred Schmidt ably support by US-based Brit, Andy Jones, have become long time friends and colleagues.

This was also the first year that on our return we held our Tinnovation Live: SXSW Review that allowed us to share our new found knowledge with clients and partners.

TheTin US

2018 brought us more experiences and more connections with the great and the good of the US tech scene, we began thinking about expanding our base in NYC, perhaps Austin with its excellent connections to the East and West coasts could be an option.

Our most recent visit in 2019 saw us invited as guests of Capital Factory allowing us the generous use of their facilities located in the heart of Downtown Austin, worth its weight during a particularly busy SXSW run of panels, talks and workshops.

PanelPicker 2020

As we look towards SXSW 2020 we’ve decided the time is right to step right up to the plate by applying for our own panel titled “Delivering simplicity in a complex digital world”.

The panel is a deep dive into the world of personalisation and localisation whilst remaining on brand and an exploratory look at how we can keep aligned to brand guidelines whilst still delivering slick and simple user interfaces and experiences as our description outlines:

"Whilst people crave quicker and simpler brand experiences the technology ecosystem required to deliver them gets ever more complex. This panel made up of agency leads, clients and creatives will explore some of the key issues and solutions to navigating this complexity: How do brands maintain consistency whilst offering the personalization and localization that consumers expect? When delivering these solutions how do we ensure all stakeholders understand what will be delivered across which platform? And with an expectation of ever simpler and slicker UX how do we ensure these frictionless experiences are kept on brand? It can't be that hard, can it?"

Our expert panel will be chaired by TheTin's Co-Founder, Jamie Simmonds and includes a mix of clients, partners and creatives including: Daisy Harding, Product Designer, Photobox/MoonPig; Lesley Hornung, Head of Marketing & Digital, HLB International and Jose Suaste, Excecutive Creative Director, fluent360.


We Need You!

We need your help to get us over the line and on to SXSW 2020, part of the selection criteria is a public vote, so if you feel our panel would be of interest please vote for us on the following link, you have until the 23rd of August 2019! 

Come join us in 2020

We hope to make SXSW 2020 the best yet with our direct involvement in the program and we’d love you to join us in Texas in March, drop us a line if you’re interested!

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