SXSW 2018: Daily Digest - 12th of March

Tim Harper, Jamie Simmonds, Laura Walters, Juliette Hettema

SXSW 2018: Daily Digest - 12th of March

Monday marked another interesting day of panels and sessions, we also got to have a look at the Trade Show hall and see some live music in the evenings.

Tim attended the Convergence Keynote by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London addressing social media giants responsibility over hate speech:

"Animation in UX: The subconscious influence of motion" - Laura

Today there were several stand out sessions (The Designer’s Weakness: Understanding Power was one of them) but Katie Swindler’s talk on the importance of animation in user experience was brilliant. Using case studies from her own work she explained how to translate a brand’s persona and design principles into motion principles. She defined two categories for animations; motion for purpose and motion for personality.

"AI: Ready to disrupt experience design?" - Juliette

There were a few talks today which were absolutely excellent. But one that stood out to me a lot was the talk "AI: Ready to disrupt experience design?" which focused on Ford and the the journey to incorporate technology to their showrooms to get more and meaningful customer data that cannot be collated through standard methods. The speaker went through what didn't work and how they improved on that and learned from that. Incredibly valuable insights!

Visual Diary

More interesting panels and sessions, live music, learning to play shuffleboard and more.

Impression of some of the event spaces and content found in the Trade Show. Robots, 3D printed instruments and 3D printed buildings, they had it all!

Who did you meet?

We met some amazing people from Google, Accenture, people in the music industry and local Austin businesses!

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