TheTin Interviews - Part 1

Charlie Hunter

TheTin Interviews - Part 1

Advances in technology have revolutionised the way we experience brands. We asked industry leaders from a wide range of creative sectors how they use technology to engage and interact with their audience.

In the past few years, we’ve seen considerable change in the way we interact with brands. Technology is the driving force behind this change, and it continues to advance:

  • Artificial intelligence has made customer data more useful and insightful, allowing us to deliver more personalised experiences.
  • Smart devices sense more, integrate with our homes and daily lives, and conversational user interfaces such as Amazon Echo and Google Home give us new ways of accessing information and services.
  • All good businesses recognise that they have an impact on society - technology can be a powerful enabler for brands that want to make a positive difference in the world.

We reached out to some key influencers in the creative sector to find out how they use technology to engage with their audience and find out their thoughts for the future of tech.

We’re starting with a group of 3 interviews:

    • Mike Dent - Managing Editor at Wired Magazine, Condé Nast Publications
      Mike Dent
    • Mike Wyeld - Filmmaker, Sound Designer & Educator University of the Arts London

        Mike Wyeld

    • Radim Malinic - Creative Director, Brand Nu®
      Radim Malinic

You can see our first interview of the series with Mike Dent below, the following interviews will be published on our social media channels so make sure to follow us!


Mike Dent - Managing Editor at Wired Magazine, Condé Nast Publications on

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