Tinnovation: Conversations; Chatbots and other interfaces

Tim Harper, Brand Director

Tinnovation: Conversations; Chatbots and other interfaces

Firstly, thanks to everyone who attended our latest Tinnovation special. We expected a good response.
For starters it was our most popular event to date with just shy of 100 people applying for tickets via Eventbrite, so popular in fact we had to get a bigger boat (thanks to our friends at Coin Laundry for supply of said vessel) and since arriving back from SXSW in March it’s been the number one topic on our clients and partners lips: chatbots, chatbots, CHATBOTS!
The session was designed to be our usual heady mix of backstory, insight, exploration, demos plus a good dose of Q&A and shared group experience. It can often be a challenge when writing these sessions to get the pitch right, as we always say upfront, Tinnovation is for all, from the uber designers to the the most dedicated developers, everyone should step away having learnt something, feel inspired and/or ready to share their new found knowledge with the world.
Feedback on the night from attendees including representatives from AKQA, Greenwood Campbell, Amazon, Wired, LADbible, PwC and Havas was overwhelmingly positive and we’ve been invited in to present internally at two of these organisations.
Wanna recap or hear what you missed out on? View the deck here and if you’d like to join the next session email [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.

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